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“Educating Teenage Boys about Gender! Digital Tools, Challenges, Approaches”: G.EDU Conference

The final conference marked the completion of the G.EDU project. This was the largest event of the project and achieved the aim of sharing the educational content and the potentials of the G. EDU platform as an educational toolkit. It took place on 18 February 2022, at 9:00-12:30 CET time via Zoom with the participation of many scholars and activists from different parts of the world. The conference was livestreamed and is open to watch in the following link:

The conference included lively presentations by both members of the project team and by guest speakers followed by discussions. Subjects presented and discussed during the conference included:

  • challenges of developing lesson plans on gender education

  • challenges of conducting gender education courses

  • how to engage boys and men in gender education

  • how not to reinforce gender stereotypes and gender binary while discussing gender

  • how to use the G. EDU platform

  • the experiences of the project team and associates during the implementation of pilot workshops to teenagers

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